Fall Black

October 10th, 2014 — 5:00am

Fall Black

Fall weather you rock my world. Being able to layer (I love layers), wear scarves, sweaters and jackets…. It’s just my jam! This fall I am feeling the more dark/moody color palettes and my go to color pick is black! To me you can never go wrong with black (with navy and gray being a close second). It’s a timeless color that 1. looks good on everyone and 2. has such a put together feel when done right! Madewell of course is tempting me big time with so many fabulous fall clothing choices. Yeah if I am being honest (which I always am) I want EVERYTHING from their new arrivals! Above are 4 of my favorite looks and yep they all feature my color of the moment black!

Right now I am on a unnecessary spending freeze, but once the freeze is over you better believe one of the first things I am buying is a pair of black oxfords. After the addition of a new pair of oxfords, I will be looking to add a versatile pair of black heels. Heels that can last me a couple of seasons! Who knows what will be added to the closet after that, but you better believe it will be in my go to fall/winter clothing picks!

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Life Lately!!!

October 9th, 2014 — 8:11am

Life Lately

How is it already October?! This year is flying by… So many fun events happened this summer and fall and I have just sucked at recapping/blogging about them all. I mean I took a spontaneous trip to NYC just to see the insanely talented Neil Patrick Harris in Hedwig and the Angry Inch! By far one of the best theater experiences of my life! I also saw some other great shows while I was out there as well. We celebrated many birthdays and someone in our group turned the big 3-0!!! More of those birthdays will be coming up soon and I cannot wait! I finally tried Soul Cycle and loved every second of it. If you are not familiar with Soul Cycle it is a high intensity spin workout that is choreographed to give you a full body workout. I am talking weight training, core work and of course lots of cardio! It was intense and super fun and I can’t wait to do it again. We continued our summer tradition and went to the Scottish Games. Of course it was hotter then you can imagine, but a lot of fun! Let’s just say this year we found the photo booth and well we probably frequented it more than most! Baseball… Oh baseball… You were good while you lasted. My A’s unfortunately did not make it past the Wild Card game, but it was a great season. This year we went to the Lodi Wine event hosted at the Giants stadium and that was also crazy fun.

I am looking forward to a jam packed fall schedule. Starting with a trip down South to see my sister and to celebrate Lucy’s second birthday! We are going to Disneyland and I cannot wait to experience the magic with that little one. There is our now annual college football game day, probably a couple of plays, Friendsgiving, another trip to Disneyland with my cousins family and lots more in between! Happy October!

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September 5th, 2014 — 11:17am


In just a few short days I will be hitting my three month mark in my new job! I am still loving it and yes pinching myself every day… In these few short months I feel so much has changed and in the best ways possible. Between nutritional coaching, personal training and dedicating myself to choosing my wellness I feel so much more myself than I have in a long time! Maintaining my wellness lifestyle while still going out and having fun is probably the best part. I never thought I would be able to find that type of balance, but you know what it is completely doable! I am trying so hard to no longer allow myself to feel that guilt or regret when over indulging or having one too many drinks. It is just one moment full of a life with many and you know I’ve realized is I love those moments and I love the memories that come from them! No one is perfect 100% of the time and I am accepting that more and more each day!

This year has absolutely flown by. I created a list this past birthday of mine and while I still want to cross a lot of things off of it I am not going to hold myself to it anymore. Yes they are all things I still want to accomplish, but you know what I hopefully have a lifetime to do most/all of them!

So here is to it already being September and for only having 4 months left in this year! These 4 months will surely fly by and hopefully they will fly by with excitement! xo


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Shake It Off

August 20th, 2014 — 7:53am

So I’ve been dancing to this non-stop since I heard it on Monday! Seriously my new favorite jam. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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Wellness Wednesday

Choosing My Wellness

August 6th, 2014 — 10:31am


My focus this year has been all about balance. Finding balance in all things I do is what I am striving to achieve. I am not trying to sound rigid by saying this, but I truly believe that you can find a balance in all things! For me finding balance in wellness has been top priority. For years I have lived a healthy life, but I placed too much emphasis on the short term results. Now I am thinking long term and within that long term finding a healthy balance between myself and the food/exercise I choose for me.

I’ve been working with a nutritional counselor for two months now and her impact on me has been great. I suffer from food guilt and I doubt that I’m the only out there that does. Here’s what happens… I go out with friends, have a couple of drinks and nachos. In the moment I am “okay” with this choice, but that evening or next day I am super disappointed in my food choices… Sounds silly I know, but it’s a fact of my life! Sometimes the guilt comes from how I feel (bloated, heavy, achey) and sometimes the guilt comes from knowing I could have made better choices in that moment. This food guilt has been with me for quite some time, but working with the nutritional counselor has really helped me look at these things in new ways. One of the transitions I am making is embracing the “Choose Your Wellness” theme. For me this means that if I am out with friends and I want a drink or something indulgent to eat I embrace that decision and go with it. By embracing this decision I should not feel guilty the next day as it is me actively making that choice. Or if I am out and I start to second guess my not so healthy choices I will stop what I am doing, reevaluate my feelings and decide in that moment if I really want that indulgence or is there something that sounds better/more healthy for me and go with that! These life changes are very meaningful for me and I hope that over time it will become second nature and not something I actively have to think about. Determining what I want most and letting go of the guilt is new and exciting territory for me! I want to enjoy/savor these moments and know myself/body better than ever.

So instead of thinking “I can’t have it” I will be thinking “I can have it” or “I can have it, but I don’t want it.” If you know of any other good mantras I can adopt I’d love to hear them!

Okay so besides counseling what else has been going on with me wellness wise? Well, I am now 4 personal training sessions in to getting a more toned and stronger body! I am doing yoga at least once a week at work and am loving every second of it. I am still trying to eat as little to no gluten/dairy as possible. I feel great with these positive changes I’ve been making and I’ve noticed huge results. I have a long way to go before I can do a pull up, but I am getting there and am determined to work each week in building up my strength.


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